Spring Rolls

Another first tonight, spring rolls.

To start I made a marinade for the prawns with 1 garlic clove, a thumb of ginger, a few birds eye chillies, coriander stalks, salt, sugar and lime juice. I put them in the fridge for about an hour and a half. I chopped some carrot and spring onion up really fine into match sticks, I boiled the carrot just for a minute or two so they were a little flexible but still crunchy.

I made a dressing of basically what was in the marinade again but used fish sauce instead of salt so it was a little more moist and added some chopped spring onion. I also made a sweet chili sauce by boiling water, sugar, vinegar, chopped red chili and a tiny bit of tomato puree.


The dressing

I steamed the prawns and mixed them together with some fine noodles in the dressing.I then moistened the rice paper just for 5 seconds in some hot water and places the noodle mixture in the middle, I then added the strips of carrot and spring onion and a few leaves of coriander before attempting to roll them up. This was probably the hardest part because the rice paper becomes incredibly sticky and kept crumpling up but I managed to form some reasonable looking rolls.


Prepared rolls – Somewhat uneven!

I then steamed these just for a minute and served them with the sweet chili sauce.



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