Spring Rolls

Another first tonight, spring rolls.

To start I made a marinade for the prawns with 1 garlic clove, a thumb of ginger, a few birds eye chillies, coriander stalks, salt, sugar and lime juice. I put them in the fridge for about an hour and a half. I chopped some carrot and spring onion up really fine into match sticks, I boiled the carrot just for a minute or two so they were a little flexible but still crunchy.

I made a dressing of basically what was in the marinade again but used fish sauce instead of salt so it was a little more moist and added some chopped spring onion. I also made a sweet chili sauce by boiling water, sugar, vinegar, chopped red chili and a tiny bit of tomato puree.


The dressing

I steamed the prawns and mixed them together with some fine noodles in the dressing.I then moistened the rice paper just for 5 seconds in some hot water and places the noodle mixture in the middle, I then added the strips of carrot and spring onion and a few leaves of coriander before attempting to roll them up. This was probably the hardest part because the rice paper becomes incredibly sticky and kept crumpling up but I managed to form some reasonable looking rolls.


Prepared rolls – Somewhat uneven!

I then steamed these just for a minute and served them with the sweet chili sauce.




This was my second attempt at making my own fresh pasta the first time I didn’t have a pasta roller so the tagliatelle was pretty chunky although still edible. I had it with some home made pesto:Image

I got a ravioli cutter for a christmas present so that was pretty much my inspiration for attempting it. I wasn’t sure how necessary a pasta roller was until I used it. The sheets just come out so silky and make for a much better pasta. I use 00 flour to make pasta; 1 egg – 100g sieved flour per person and a little pinch of salt. So simple.

For the filling I sauteed some chestnut mushrooms with a little garlic which I then wrapped spoonfuls of them in half strips of parma ham. My thinking was along the lines of ham and mushroom pizza is good so why not put them in a raviolo?

I served them with a sage butter:Image

Oxtail Sausage Rolls

I am here to join the mass ranks of people taking pictures of food and writing about it.

Today I have been experimenting a bit and created Oxtail ‘Sausage Rolls’ as a short named as opposed to listing all the components. Also it creates some intrigue so now you have to read on to find out what I mean.

I got 2 large pieces of oxtail (500g) from the friendly butcher in Morrisons (I am very impressed with the quality of their meat) for £3. Ok value but a lot of that weight is fat and bone so it doesn’t make for a quick meal.

I rubbed the oxtail with some salt and pepper and browned it on the hob in a tiny bit of olive oil. Once they were brown I took them out and add a small chopped red onion to deglaze a bit. I then reintroduced the oxtails along with enough beef stock to cover everything plus some dried oregano & thyme and brought it to the boil. I then covered it and put it in the oven at 140C for 3.5 hours turning once or twice.

When I took it out some of the meat had started to separate from the bone already so you know it’s done. I had to spend a few minutes stripping the meat off the bone and separating some of the fat away and eating some obviously. I then rolled out some puff pastry (which I did not make myself!) and cut it into squares. I put a bit of the meat in the middle of each and brushed with some beaten egg before rolling it up and pressing down to seal the edges. I then brushed the outsides with some more egg and put it in the oven at 180C until golden. Meanwhile I skimmed some fat off the braising liquid and reduced it.


This was the best looking of the bunch obviously.


I served them with some wilted spinach.


Inside of the ‘roll’.

In future I think I would serve one person and make it a starter, overall a succesful experiment though.